Scotch & Soda
2014 Fall Collection Lookbook



This is a lookbook for Scotch & Soda's 2014 fall women's clothing collection. The theme is a day in the life and was inspired by old books and textiles.​

P1.Mireya.Olmos Lookbook_Page_01
P1.Mireya.Olmos Lookbook_Page_06
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P1.Mireya.Olmos Lookbook_Page_04
P1.Mireya.Olmos Lookbook_Page_05
P1.Mireya.Olmos Lookbook_Page_02
P1.Mireya.Olmos Lookbook_Page_03
P1.Mireya.Olmos Lookbook_Page_08
P1.Mireya.Olmos Lookbook_Page_09
P1.Mireya.Olmos Lookbook_Page_10
P1.Mireya.Olmos Lookbook_Page_11
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